Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tradition vs.Apostolic

Many Christian believers can not grasp the apostolic. They see Apostolic being a denomination believing in Jesus only and salvation comes through being baptize in the name of Jesus. Praise God there is a remnant that believes in the True apostolic which is the teachings and doctrine of the New Testament Church. The true Apostolic does not see male or female but a vessel yield to the Holy Spirit. The true apostolic embraces all the Gifts of the spirit, and every ministry office is in operation

The time is now to move out of tradition and to the New Apostolic. Tradition prevents the flow of the Holy Sprint, and hinders the vision. Tradition does not embrace all the gifts of the Spirit or the five fold ministry. Tradition hates women in leadership position and does not teach believers there authority. Tradition embraces the religious spirit where the apostolic cast out the religious spirit.

Reformed Apostolic Fellowship is not a denomination but a fellowship that is called to empower believers, Pastors, minister and churches to serve and minister in an apostolic capacity. RAF is a network of Elders working together to raise an apostolic generation. RAF specializes in helping small churches


Martez Stewart said...

Wondeful post! It is clear that traditions of the Apostalic church have caused many of it's member to become "religious" and base their salvation on traditonal practices (i.e. the way they speak, dress, etc) and have forsaken the biblical teachings. You preached this post!!!

Andrea said...

Amen.........thank you for sharing. Andrea